New looks

As we are currently working on the latest update (cut-off date 2019-03-31), the nuclear moments and charge radii database has been silently synced with the ENSDF library in regards with nuclear level lifetimes, following a recommendation of the IAEA moments evaluation panel.

We have also updated the particle data, as always adopting the evaluations published on the Particle Data Group website. Model-extracted magnetic moments for quarks are now available besides baryons, leptons (and mesons).

The major change in this update is the front looks of the database. In summary:

  • A new color scheme was adopted
  • Wherever possible, the interface became less strict in placement to facilitate mobile-friendly searches
  • A new UI is introduced in the main page when the database is first loaded
  • The periodic table UI has a lighter color scheme
  • The Help section is fully rewritten
  • Last, but not least, we have a name after all: NUclear MOments and Radii (NUMOR). The name was the most popular vote on a poll run on twitter for a day among two more candidates. We sure like it!

We should stress the newly introduced feature for fellow researchers who want to send us data. A new online form has been created to facilitate data or citation submission directly, so that it would be processed in the next update.

It is good if you run business with company: Stefanos Pelonis is a new member to the very small team who has helped significantly in this update.

And please, do not forget: send us feedback and if you use NUMOR, please cite it!

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